Thursday, July 2, 2009

진영이 왔다감

So, it's July 2nd. Hmmm...
I'm sitting at the airport right now waiting for my flight back home. I've been dreading this day for over 6 months now. Oh gosh..

I came here with some goals that seemed way out of reach at the time but ended up achieving them all. It took a lot of hard work and persistence but my efforts always paid off. There were difficult days when things just weren't going well but not once did I ever want to quit. I came to Korea loving archery and I'm leaving Korea loving it even more.

It was tough saying bye to all the people who have helped me throughout my time here. The 11 archers that I trained with feel like family and I'll admit I shed a couple tears saying bye. Coach Ryu showed so much generosity allowing me to come and train with her team. I am very grateful to her but I can't seem to form a proper sentence to express just how grateful I am.

I missed my family and friends at home and I can't wait to see everyone again!!!

I love Korea. Bye for now, but I'll be back very soon.