Thursday, June 11, 2009

Antalya 2009 - Part 3

The third and final part of Antalya 2009!!!!!!!!

I can't tell you enough how great of an experience this tournament was for me.
I'll have to get into more detail another time and just let the videos do the explaining for now.

I'm off to Won-ju for the third Korean national tournament this year. Unfortunately, things didn't work out and I won't be competing but I'll be bringing my bow along to practice.

Okay see you soon!



  1. It´s wonderful, thank you for all this videos, and sorry for my english that it´s so bad, i´m from Spain.
    Thank you and i hope you make more.


  2. Hi Jinyoung...

    Whole family(including Ellie) is soooooo happy that you had a wonderful time and a great experience in Turkey...

    We pray that many many more to come in your life and enjoy every moment of it...

    Love you a looooooooot.

    Unny, Appa and Umma...& Ellie

  3. 3 Nationals ??? How come they do nationals so often?